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Custom Metal Fabrication Specialists

Home and business owners in the Florida Panhandle area rely on C & C Construction of Northwest Florida, LLC for top-notch roofing services, but did you know we also do custom welding and metal work?


We work with all types of metal, including steel, aluminum, stainless and copper. We can construct metal features for any project, and also erect metal buildings. If you can draw it, we can build it. 

We also do "onsite" roll forming for roof panels. 


With our experience, skills, tools and equipment, rest assured your custom metal work will be built with the utmost attention to detail and dedication. 


Call now for more information! 850-547-1001


ES-1 Certified: Wind Design Standard for Edge Systems Using with Low Slope Roof Systems

C & C Construction Roofing Specialists are proud to say we are a ES-1 Certified roofing company for fabrication and installation. We are a member of the NRCA (National Roofing Contactor's Association) for 10+  years and counting, ensuring that our work on your roof is properly protected from high speed wind damage. As required by the Authorized Fabricator Agreement, our company will  maintain a record of all applied edge metal flashing and coping systems. 

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Custom Roof Panels

Our metal work fabricators can perform on-site roll forming for standing seam roofs, as well as fabricate wall and soffit panels. We specialize in Englert materials, but are able to work with many other manufacturers.


Custom Roof Trim

Did you know metal roofing trim is required by code with most builds? Customize your metal trim for a unique and beautiful look, with our experienced metal fabricators. We can create ridge caps, louvers, eave drips, gable rakes, valley flashing, sidewalls, endwalls and more


Custom Window Trim

Customized window trims are typically made with anodized aluminum. We can fabricate the perfect style and color for your business. Make the exterior of your business welcoming for your incoming customers. Small details such as custom window trims can help! 


Custom Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters come in all different types, sizes, colors and materials. Choose from k-style, half-round, 7 in box cut, copper, aluminum or more for your home or business. When working with our fabricators, you aren't subjected to building limitations. If your property needs a customized gutter system, we can build it! 

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